Robert O.Los Angeles, CA

Alive, Awake, Alert and Enthusiastic? If I wasn’t before, I am now! Marielle consistently surprises me with how many limitations I can push back, with personalized and varied workouts that defeat boredom and stagnation. Her optimistic, positive coaching is responsible for backing this glutton away from the grave. Hard to say ‘no’ to and easy to laughter, Mari is the best experience I’ve had with a fitness coach, ever!

Brittany B.Los Angeles, CA

Marielle is fantastic. I’ve met trainers who have little interest in tracking changes, discussing a diet and lifestyle regimen, or really what it takes to be committed to your overall health – she does all of that and more.

Bethany L.Atlanta, GA

I love Marielle! Very knowledgeable, attentive and encouraging. She will kick your butt and make you smile at the same time with her amazing energy and personality. If you want effective workouts with long lasting results train with Marielle.

Nate M.Los Angeles, CA

Mari is great. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer who is patient and thorough in helping you achieve any fitness goals you may have.

Kelli R.Las Vegas, NV

Mari is an absolute pleasure to work with! She sincerely cares about the progress of her clients and makes the transition into healthy lifestyle quite fun. In my experience with her, Mari challenged me every week to be better and I know that if it were not for her I wouldn’t have accomplished my goal of hitting the stage in my first competition. If you are looking for someone who is committed, knows her stuff, empowers her clients, and can keep it fun… Mari is the one for you!

Loleta, F.Bowie, MD

94 workouts, 146 cardio sessions, 26 weeks, 181 days, 31lbs lost. I imagined having the body of my dreams, but never thought it would be my reality. With 2 pregnancies within 3 years, topping the scale at 200lbs with both I was discouraged. Rewind to 6 months ago, I told Mari I wanted to be in my best shape by my 35th birthday and compete in a bikini competition. Fast forward 6 months and Mari has helped me accomplish my goals. I am beyond excited by my results, I participated in my first competition and I think I’m ready for #2. Mari is tough, dedicated and goes above and beyond to make herself available to all my questions and even complaints. My life has been changed, I was Made by Mari!!

Krista W.Los Angeles, CA

Marielle is super focused and dedicated to her work which in turn will make you work harder. It is also great to see her own body transformation and her journey to becoming a bikini fitness competitor. Her body is goals so if she got like that you can too. She is fun and dynamic and makes the workouts worth it. She’s a bad ass!

Nakeisha B.Upper Marlboro, MD

None of this could have been possible without this woman by my side. I love her to pieces and I am forever in her debt. If you have fitness goals ~ big or small ~ I guarantee she will help you meet them… AND she has online training, which is what I’ve been doing for the past 3 months.

Kristen A.Los Angeles, CA

Mari is the absolute best! I’ve been training with her for the last 1.5 years and I feel and look great. While I don’t “need” a trainer, Mari is such a gem- I don’t want to lose my coveted evening appointment. Mari is the perfect combination of friendly, yet stern. She won’t let you be a slacker on her watch.

John H.Los Angeles, CA

Knowledge, expertise, people skills, motivation. Highly recommended for anybody, regardless of your fitness goals.

Taylor A.San Jose, CA

Marielle has been the biggest influence in my fitness journey over the past couple of years. I always thought I was "healthy" since I wasn't extremely overweight and didn't eat fast food, but I started working with Marielle she taught me the error of my ways. Not only did she guide me through proper training techniques, but she helped me change my diet. She's extremely motivating and will definitely kick your butt when you need it! If you're looking for a trainer, she's the one!